Specialist hand-finished service perfectly suited to garments sewn with extreme attention to
detail and finish, made from high quality cloth, delicate embroidery and intricate beadwork.
Our exclusive service is recommended by leading Australian fashion designers as well as
retailers of high-end local and international labels.
We highly recommend this service for:
• Couture & Designer garments
• Evening wear & Ball gowns
• Beaded & Jeweled garments
• The finest in suiting
• Wedding gowns
• Hand made & Delicate garments
Garments of this quality deserve the highest standard of care and appropriate methods of
cleaning. We determine the best possible treatment for each piece based on the make-up of
the individual garment. Typically, the cleaning methods of delicate pieces include individual
pre-spotting and post-spotting, gentle cleaning cycles at low temperatures, hand pressing,
minor complimentary repairs and several levels of quality control. Our legendary attention to
detail ensures that ornate buttons and embellishments are protected or removed and replaced after finishing.
This care and attention to detail extends to how we package the finished garment. The
garments are carefully hung on custom wooden hangers and/or wrapped in acid-free tissue



Refresh your home

Pillows clean & recover
Duvets & eider downs
Blankets & bed Spreads
Sleeping bags
Loose covers
Armchair Suites
Stools & arm chair caps
Cushion covers
Curtains(un-hand & re-hang)
Rugs & skin rugs

Blue and Yellow Bed
Taking Measurments


Tailored for you

Repairing a much loved garment is a privilege for us, and returning it to a premium condition is something we aim to achieve each and every time. At Deluxe Drycleaners we take the time to inspect each garment that is entrusted to us, ensuring that buttons are replaced and loose threads and hems are resewn.

Each store also has its own on-site tailor who specialises in repairs and alterations. There is even a separate ‘tailoring room’ where you can feel at ease discussing your requirements. Please feel free to drop in to any of our stores to discuss directly with our dedicated tailors how they can help you restore your garments to premium condition.


Keep it fresh

Each and every item that you entrust to Deluxe dry cleaners is treated on an individual basis, being thoroughly inspected and graded for treatment. All laundry items are washed in pre-softened water to return the fabric to a ph as close to human skin as possible. This is particularly important to make them hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin.
Items are then folded and packed in tissue, ready for when you need them.

Folding Shirts
Dyed Leather


Natural Fabric, Natural Care…

The thorough cleaning of any item that is tailored from leather, suede, pigskin or sheepskin demands specialist knowledge.
Natural oils in suedes and leathers can harm the texture if not properly cared for, so our technicians inspect each garment before selecting the most appropriate procedure, be it traditional methods or advanced technology.
We take careful measures to retain the original state of your suede and leather during cleaning, and hand finish to ensure optimum results that will keep your items looking their best and lasting for generations.
Deluxe Drycleaners is also happy to fulfil requests for items to be altered, repaired or given a protective coating.

Suit Jackets


Make the decision to switch to Deluxe Dry Cleaners and save time, money, and our planet! We offer great customer support and outstanding quality each time.
Going Green with us will not only help the environment, but is also much better on your skin and your garments. By using Deluxe Drycleaners for your dry cleaning needs you’ll be part of a growing and recognised brand, with outstanding customer support that is often missing in other dr cleaners. With 30 years of experience, Deluxe Drycleaners is a family owned business you can trust!
We use a combination of both care and technology to provide fantastic results. We proudly distinguish ourselves from other dry cleaners by offering a personalised service from when you drop your items off to when you pick them up. We go the extra mile with every item we dry clean. 
Each garment is individually inspected and the stain removal is performed by hand. We are confident that we are the right choice for all and any of your dry cleaning requirements.